Quality Control Laboratory

Quality control laboratory is fully equipped with all modern instruments which can give very accurate results. Allchem Laboratory always trying to give the product that meets national and international standards.

Allchem laboratories manufactures its products which confirms specifications depending on the requirement of its customers and is fully equipped to analyses its products as per the international standards and specifications.

Allchem Laboratories’ staff is well experienced chemists in various fields to perform all type of analysis like

  • Reaction monitoring i.e. in process analysis
  • Analysis of raw materials, semi-finished products as well as finished products
  • Physico-chemical properties

This department focuses on:

  • Finished products which meet specifications depending on the requirement of its customers or as per the international standards.
  • Calibration of all the instruments on regular intervals
  • Preparation of  COA, retain sample storage
  • Raw material, in-process and finished product testing etc..
  • Method validation
  • Impurity isolation and characterization
  • Physico-chemical properties
  • Stability studies

Quality control laboratory is equipped with modern instruments

  • Gas chromatograph GC 2010 and GC 14B with capillary columns
  • HPLC analysis : Shimadzu LC 2010 with PDA
  • Analytical balance, pH meter, Laboratory oven
  • Titration facilities (Perchloric titration, Acid-Base titration, Halide titration )
  • Melting point-Boiling point equipment, Ultrasonic Bath
  • Thin layer chromatography
  • Karl fisher’s instrument for moisture analysis
  • IR, GC-MS, NMR support for analysis
Sr. No. Name of Instrument Make Qty.
1 HPLC-PDA  (LC-2010 CHT) Shimadzu, Japan 1
2 GC-2010AF Shimadzu Japan 1
3 GC-14B Shimadzu Japan 1
4 Analytical balance   AX-200 Shimadzu Japan 1
5 KF Titrator  (AQUA CAL 50) Ana lab –  INDIA 1
6 Melting point Apparatus (MP-I) Veego scientific-INDIA 1
7 pH meter Toshcon – INDIA 1
8 UV-Vis Cabinet Rajdhani- INDIA 1
9 UPS-10KVA (S 410D) Emerson – Liebert INDIA 1
10 Ultrasonic Bath Model : SW 4.5 Toshniwal, INDIA 1
11 Laboratory oven Jay mate, Vadodara 1