Allchem Laboratories is promoted by Mr. Bipin K Patel (M.Sc. Organic chemistry, M.S. University, Baroda, Gujarat in 1994). Promoter has an accumulated experience in various areas of bulk drug industry in last 14 years such as
1 ) Research and development
2 ) Analytical work (QC department)
3 ) Scale up work (Lab > pilot plant > Commercial production)
4 ) Knowledge of different types of technologies
5 ) Handling of different kinds of chemicals
6 ) Different types of pharama intermediate and organic derivatives

  • Drug intermediates like, domperidone, cetrizine, astemazole, nimesulide, buflomedil, quatipine, ebastine, carvedilol, meloxicam, fentanyl, sibutramine, cefuroxime, cefazolin, ceftrixone and many more
  • Piperazine derivatives (aryl and aliphatic)
  • Piperidone and piperidine derivatives
  • Cyanide derivatives (benzyl cyanide, aromatic and aliphatic)
  • Cycloalkane derivaties
  • Aldehyde and ketone derivatives
  • Carboxylic acid and derivatives
  • Amine derivatives (aryl, aliphatic and bezylic )
  • Hetrocyclic derivaties (pyrimidine, imidazole, benzimidazole, benzothiozole, etc,,,)
  • Custom synthesis and contract research type of products ranging from 20 gm to 50 kg level

7 ) Utilities equipments (for production plant)
8 ) Electrical knowledge
9 ) Knowledge of licensing work related to factory act
10 ) Marketing work and Chemicals sourcing knowledge

All the above area is very important for manufacturing of organic fine chemicals, speciality chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, custom synthesis and contract manufacturing

Mr. Bipin K Patel
M. Sc. (Organic Chemistry)
Experience 14 years in custom synthesis
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